Crystal New Moon Meditation Workshop Nov 13 (+ LIVE on ZOOM)

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Crystal New Moon Meditation Workshop with Philip Permutt November 13th Monday evening 7.30 - 9 pm at The Crystal Healer St Albans 07808 730750.

Also on ZOOM

In person at The crystal Healer in St Albans

Online via Zoom link will be sent after ticket purchase

Meditation and Empowering Workshop "A loving experience" (Jacqui, St Albans) "Very deep... I felt love, just love" (Hazel, Corringham, Essex)

The New Moon has a special power to promote positive change. This is the perfect time to shed the past and begin new ventures and experiences. Whether you want to bring change to your health, buisness, career, romance, lifestyle or life choices this is the perfect place to start to empower your choices with the aid of the New Moon and a little crystal magicThis date has been carefully selected: the New Moon is a very powerful time to bring changes into your life!

"I feel happy. I feel empowered. I feel like the goddess has come alive" Tina (Slough)
The price for the evening is £19 in person - £9 on Zoom. 

"It was like an aha! moment. I was filled with happiness and joy" Sally (Hertfordshire)

"I feel refreshed, my pain has gone. It's really very powerful" Jasmin (St Albans)

"It cleared my brain" Sarah (Hertfordshire)

"Everything's taken an amazing turn since I started coming here. (Tonight) it felt like I was bathed in beautiful powerful light" "Blissful" (Yolander, Hertfordshire)

"I've lean't a new way of meditating with crystals" (Corrine, Markyate, Hertfordshire)  "I didn't want it to stop!" (Sandra, Hertfordshire) 

"It felt like a massage" (Maya, Knebworth)  "Awsome!" (Judy, Waltham Abbey)  "I feel really calm, it's lovely" (Sarah, London)

"I felt purified, glowing and happy. It was as if the crystal wasn't there. Beautiful." (Suzanna, Radlett)

"The pain went (which I've had for years) and I make the connection between then and now. The past isn't now. Very profound." (Janet, Harpenden)

"It felt like a weight lifting and I feel so light!... it gave me permission to have my dream" (Kim, Bedfordshire)

"Deep sense of calm" (Liz, Ipswich)

"It was like someone turned on a really, really, really bright light bulb! This evening has told me I really believe in myself" (Tina, Slough)

In person price includes light refreshments for those attending.

The Crystal Healer

Suite F1
Unit 1
The Verulam Estate

224 London Road

St Albans

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